Self-s and the whole body

Can we not discriminate
whole self from self

Our conscious self
or the self that is conscious

Our witnessing self
or the self that witnesses

Our experiencing self
or the self that experiences

Our deeper being
or the self that is deep within

Our self-s that differ
with different experiences and company
on different occasions
in different situations

Our truth may then be established authentic
as a part of a whole being and whole self
complete amongst other wholes
consistent in reality and
dynamic in creation,
the living whole body
of matter in gravity and present in the present

Gravity grabs out of sight

Resurrecting an oldie. Please comment.

Light takes time but gravity is instantaneous, present.


E=mC2, speed of light squaredxmass =Energy
in the light

gravity grabs
but out of sightgrvity grabs 1 (2)

we flick on the light
and we’re off out in sight
photons and speed of light
determine our relative plight

objective observer is there
awake from quantum slumber
of “observer makes a difference”
but “what can I do”
– being there is a clue

Just like gravity
and rather than a radiance that takes time to reach
the whole body is present
in the present

we are lost in projection
our parameter, perimeter, para-matter)
of our world’s photonic sense
from our eyes

is matter

gravity is presentgrvity grabs 1 (1)
presence is there
is before our time
(of photonic projection)
is creation

The whole body
is true self
whole self
present in creation
is of creation,

and reprogramming
from knowing to unknowing
then a deeper being

The layers of photonic
reckoning in
time and space,
as identity

Orientated with
whole body
solid matter
in gravity

Presence who is
the future and past
the way
and contains our part

Newtonian flight

A2 cons crown curlcurv mind Apr13 2it is a grave matter of gravity that matter be lost with light

frightful reference beamed relative Einstein-ian logic delight

beyond gravity but right despite light Newtonian flight

of whole body matter in and of gravity

in spirit, one with God All creation

time by time moments elapse or flow

moments we capture and piece together

elaborate stories our psychosis life

to life it self

comatose elapses unfolds never the less

more or less of balance and will of you and me and them

for you and me and them

God All creation present in spirit

in each and every one and thing

in and of creation and touched by rest of creation

godly be being of creation whole body be whole self

a voice but be parts representing and pretending

but flowing truth bits of reality never the less

valid as part our disassociated parts

apart from whole self unknowing of whole body lost from spirit

alone from whole being in darkness are we peering into the light

and we be valid as part of creation

only as part of whole body in and of creation

spirited by All creation God

whole human being whole body be whole self

Newtonian flight in gravity