a reckoning

Make a plan. Best thing, to do. Saves you worrying about what to do, what we can and should do; for which outcome, with what know how, and for what reason or purpose. By what context (world view) do you think you do anything ? By which construction (causality) can we pretend to own our outcome ?

So save the whales, get rid of plastic ? How can the world get better while even the people who donate to the funds want to catch jet flights to see the whales, and the delegates meet internationally for global warming ? The system that delegates represent, the cogwheel that each governing entity is, is a part of the human system that is destroying the Earth. The parts that represent good, add to the same system, it seems.

The various perspectives we, personally and as a group, use to be as certain of a situation, may have some basis for the several plans of action we usually have. There’s conflicting concerns – to save the Earth and our selves, plan for growth, development, maintenance, sustainability, subsistence, survival, suicide. And we must stop thinking the world is the real world. And who actually is, is happening and does everything.

We failed to nail it in modernity. Now in post-modernity, we stick to plan in the human condition, not try to fix fundamental flaws, and are happy to keep going. We have always denied, put aside aspects of our self, to face the day, others and the world. Outcome justifies the means, life costs and investment.

The world is there before we open our eyes. The conscious is hearing the world before we wake more, look and see the world, and get up out of bed. The whole body in reality is left behind, unless we realise the whole body encompass the world we think we stand in and before we wake up.

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Neo-conservatism reigns in post-modern flux. We have peeled off the back of the exponential population curve, cyclic through modernity, retrograde towards its end, then to this uncertainty.

Eternal bliss or kiss, or do we miss what does not exist. I wanna live for ever, kiss or no kiss !

World wars and catastrophe has laid our path.
It is trial and error. It seems we don’t learn or is it the new frontiers and possibility that come with new technology. We’ve hit the exponential wall of our population growth. The enemy has been us, we are causing our own destruction, that should be clear now there’s nothing but us to blame and to be reflected.

We reflect, express and carry out, as institutions, bureaucracies and government are supposed to. Where does one start, where did it all start from, how can we fit into or change it at all ? It’s big and we’re in it, the human condition and humanity. We carry on but are now hitting an exponential wall in our population curve, reflected in every other curve.

In the human condition we hold to our reality against reality by identifying with what we experience exclusively.
Reality is the whole being alive in creation by whom our reality is created and placed for us to identify with and for us to be and in.
For us in our reality it must be indirect, our relation with the whole self and whole body of whom we are a part.