These somewhat emotional statements come of recognising the hc (human condition) for being created and placed or projected by the whole body from his/her Central nervous System, and confronting the isolation from its whole, in identifying with the self and what is experienced, despite being a projected part. Please comment.

Let me admonish the hc for being isolated from the whole body, identified with what is experienced within its own reality, in projection. We are like a cancer cell, in asserting our self and our reality, independent within our whole. We do not recognise or respond to the whole’s influence or the boundaries appropriate for a part. Like a dictator we hold to our story, on and on, a repeated bloat of rhetoric (see Munchhausen’s trilemma). And so with developers, over and over, circulatory with us as the consumer of development, the truth of housing, transport, and technology, the population and pollution of Earth, and consummation of whole bodies, Earth, and of reality.

We as humans have identified with our self or identity, overdeveloped our reality, and spent our experiences as life. Our toil and our abandon is in denial of the whole body and reality. Whole bodies in reality, are sacrificed between the self and reality. We have moulded and consumed the real world, and taken other whole beings to suit our design and desire, inadvertently in innocent isolation within our projected part, without an appreciation for reality or our part.

Nature survives in pockets, like weeds on the side walk of over-development, as does intuition, instinct, and our deeper senses for reality, creation, spirit, gods and goddesses (including the whole body), Nature and Universe, the Cosmos, Love, Life or Force, All creation God. When do we get to our source and host, the whole body we belong to as a projected part? Who contains all we may experience? Who we can trust and depend, be guided and supported by? Our Nature and Nurture, our whole and all – never? The whole body is one whole, All creation God is One, the spirit is the one essence of the whole body and All creation. And our reality, a projected part.

And what about our home, place and people? Are they not gone, and are we passing by each other now because it is too late? Work for what?
We stopped trying to make sense of it all by the end of modernity. From nuclear families, each atomic individual produces, consumes and actualises in their institutionalised compartments – the bed-rooms and screens (partitioning, TV and computer screens), in bed-towns (where we sleep before going out again) and the supposed equitable level playing fields of the work places, class rooms and community programme halls, with roads to our play, pay, assistance and produce. With multifactorial systems, quantum and relativital chaos, and the scope to question “are we mad or what?”, the passed on standards of modernity, anybody’s reality is as good as it gets.

Post-modern digital count and accountability (connectivity and transparency, but contextual catharsis, indifference and each and every one to their own realities) press us forwards, depersonalised through the fog of fuzzy logic. Is our life on Earth? How can it be sustainable, proud, vibrant?  Do a study on it, to decide what to do, politically, individually, personally? about what? the future?

The whole body is spirited at core, touched by the rest of creation, and alive in creation, on Earth next to other whole beings. He/she is present in the present, where the real future can unfold. The whole body must arise through our post-modern nihilism (beyond its either-ism that masks the nihilism) – a neo-humanism for the hc and reality awaits, but we, as identity, must come to relate with a whole body we belong individually as his/her projected part.


Knowledge or what we know, is like a double edged sword: it can cut out (isolate) our part in certainty, as well as chop-up reality into our notions and what we sense . Knowing and certainty reinforce our isolating identification within our projected reality. Reaching out and holding our own within, wanting to own, and needing, meaning, trying and pretending to be and do – we must address our isolating identification, inside and out (both within projection), and relate with the whole body beyond projection. The whole body is our whole, source and host, who encompasses and substantiates our reaching out and holding in, the wot and the worlds within.

We are set in “flight or fight” to struggle in denial, to do something rather than nothing, whilst lost and alone in “friend or foe” confusion or presumption (our certainty). How can we even begin to consider “what are we?”, let alone “what are we to do”? Are we not already doing? It should be enough to suspect that we are a projected part, and that there is a whole.

We must stop. We must call a halt to our isolating identification with what we experience within our projected reality, or forever be lost from a whole being we belong to as his/her projected part. Then slow with our self to be experiential (O i), and slow with the whole body to relate with who is beyond our notion and sense (O ii, the “3 things we can do”).


O I and O ii refers to the first and second chapters of “Orientation : a method to capture the human condition and introduce reality”. They are in the Orientation i – page of this blog. Also available, together with other presentations of my approach at

Blog 1 : Introducing the human condition and reality 31July13

Blog 1  :  Introducing the human condition and reality                                                                     31July13

I’ve worked some things out about the human condition and reality.

We, as self or identity, are a projected part of the whole body, projected by the whole body’s central nervous system. The whole body is alive in creation, solid in gravity and present in the present, separate and next to other whole beings and entities. That individual whole body you or I belong to as a projected part is, for us, reality.

Our projected reality includes the world we may sense, as well as our self and the realms within. The sense of both separateness from and togetherness with one another, are projection. The world we may sense and the things we may sense there in the world, which we normally and functionally consider separate, objective and real, independent of our self, are within our projected reality.

From the real world or from within reality, the whole body projects this version of the world. It is not even and complete but placed to the front of us. It seems we exist and live there, but only partially for we also have our connections with our inner worlds. The world out there and within, as well as our self, are projection.

Our reality is reduced, in what we determine, to sense and notion. That we are projection opens the way, to relating with the whole body beyond what we determine. Our relation as a part with the whole body is validatory, because we are a projected part.

In becoming a part of the whole body, nothing of projection is denied, everything of projection fulfilled. As projection, there is no need to justify our self or our reality, no basis for questioning what we find of ourselves and the world, nor for how we may be reacting or associating. Beyond what we determine and judge, and beyond the existential or absolute assertion “I’m it” (with its freedom but also accountability as there is no one to blame except one self), is our truth as a projected part of the whole self who projects our all. Our projected actuality may be captured as is, to relate with the whole body in reality.

We may trust in what happens as we relate with the whole body. It is the process of reality from the whole body, who encompasses the truth of our part as projection.

Shall we explore this relation with the whole body? How can we relate with reality, from within our projected reality? Can we envisage a neo-humanism, let’s say, beyond our post-modern nihilism, in the whole body in reality?

I dedicate this site for the human condition and reality, and hope to present what I have come to understand of their relation.

Please comment if you would share in this endeavour.

Further entries planned to follow –
CNS (central nervous system) projection. Ctrd R
We must distinguish reality from our projected reality. The whole body projects our reality from within reality. Our possible relation with the whole body from within projection, depends on this distinction between our reality including the self, and the whole body in reality. Otherwise we are lost in our identification within projection.
Phenomenology. Existentialism. Zen. As is, no basis for questioning. Original state. Reality.
Spirit/one essence of All creation and the whole body
Our reality centred to the right. Our projected actuality occupy space in shapes that may be captured, recognised and related with the whole body.