A discourse on reality

Edited from comments and replies on http://abozdar.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/reality/#comment-15629

What seems to us, is not what it is in reality.

The question is, is there anything called reality, isn’t everything and all perception and observation 🙂

It’s all experience. And where we ask questions and expect an answer is in our minds, in projection. But our all is a part of our whole, the whole body in reality who projects or creates and places our reality.

Let me extend this further, the whole body is also part of our experience as well. Does that mean since we observe its exists and if we stop observing it won’t 🙂

The whole body we experience is not the whole body in reality. What we experience is what the whole body has projected that we may identify with. Our experiences may indicate something of what is real.

If we experience a tree falling, that experience may be an indication of a tree falling in reality or not (illusion, memory, imaginings etc). Even if we do not see it, trees fall, in reality. There is more to reality than what we may perceive and observe, sense and form notions about – more to what is in reality, and more to what is reality.

For us it seems, there is no more to reality than what we can experience of it, in projection projected from the whole body in reality. Except however, the whole body, in reality, we individually belong to. He or she responds to us like no other thing in reality. Of course, the whole body does or enacts what we think we are doing, and projects our self, the world and our sense of being in the world. But more so, rather than identified in what we experience, we may be affected by our whole in we making our selves presentable by being actual. Our knowing, feeling and deeper sense of being (cognitive, emotive and somatic) but also gut instinctive, intuitive, and deeper realms, may be integrated with the whole self, rather than disassociated in what we determine and identify with of what we may experience at each of those levels. I believe it is in humanity’s interest for us as an identity to relate with our whole, merely for being a part.

I want to establish a distinction between reality and our projected reality of the self and its experience, between the self or identity and other aspects of the self, and the whole self, whole being or whole body.

Our reality, our all, may be determined absolutely as experience, captured as actuality, and as projection, related with our whole who is in and of reality.


What is reality? Is not everything perception and observation?

Many things are called reality. There’s what we may experience that we think we perceive and observe. The self who experiences, thinks it observes, perceives, sees, does and thinks it thinks is an elusive entity, but is there for us to be having an experience. Our reality includes our self, together with the conscious, witness, deeper being, and what we may experience. The actual self is a disassociation of those aspects – I recognise it as the void or Emptiness, through which we are having an experience.

From actuality we can either go back to “me and my experience”, or refer to our whole. A whole being in reality projects, or creates and places, from his or her Central nervous System, our reality of perception and observation, including what we may think we see that the whole body has “seen” with real eyes and allows us to think we see.

Everything that we experience and think and feel we are, is projection in projection, and encompassed by the whole body in reality. Our all is experience and a projected part of our whole. We can only experience things as projected by the whole body. However, the whole body (his or her whole self), to whom we as an identity belong, is a special entity in reality we are affected and influenced by. From within our all we may relate with our whole.