I am of you, my Whole

I am of you, my Whole, a part
as is everything of my reality,
which includes my deepest sense
of others and the world.

My sense with them
of communion or communication,
as if on same page one time and place
comes from beyond me from you, my Whole.

Their existence in my reality
of experience and consciousness,
my confidence in them as true indication
representational of them in the real world,
comes of you my Whole, Body of Reality,
Being of the One and Only Whole.
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Different must my reality be
from an another’s particular reality,
as I see what
the other cannot see
and other
s see what I cannot
as we see “eye to eye” – I I , AI).

Yet, as self and identity in one’s reality
in conversation we may one be,
subject be in turns
yet in one place and time.

Both differences and onenesses come from beyond
separate realities that themselves are part
of such individual Wholes as you,
human, existent and alive, my Whole
next to others in the real world, and of Reality,
true Whole Self-s of the One Creation-and-Creator.

My capacity to believe and trust, also doubt and question,
to be, seemingly speak, understand and mean, comes from beyond me,
the “I know not how I do”, the tacit and what I seemingly do do
must from you be, Who in the real world does all I think I do.

And so also from beyond me, the faculty to be certain and prove :
But which in seeking – to be certain and to prove in my representational reality –
breed uncertainty that must be denied
if certainty and proofs be held and insisted upon (so we can act ?).
And reflective then of uncertainty, in holding on to certainty or proofs,
I forfeit true confidence that comes of being part
lost isolated adrift from you, my Whole, blinkered blind in denial of you.

So easy in the freedom that comes from beyond me
to identify exclusively with my self and what I experience,
exclusive of you from Whom my freedom comes,
you, Who is transcendent beyond my reality.

Solipsistic it seems only me, no one but me
speculate what must be and plan what should be
determine beyond confident and consider universals
as empirical outcomes confirm probably certain
what works, must be and happening in the real world. 

Nevertheless in my reality is what can only be representational
indications of aspects of the real world beyond mine
from beyond me, from you beyond me,
including my sense of communion with others or the world
also ambiguity, uncertainty of me and my world.

Oh, real world of real things of Reality !
– where you exist, my Whole, beyond my reality
and you live next to other Whole entities,
in conception and  intricacy both marvelous and wondrous
even as indications, 
of notion and sense, in my representational reality.
I partake as part in you, my Whole, with all that is of me,
while Earth allows life and you live.
You are godly for encompassing my all and for being of Reality,
of Creation/Creator, of the One and Only Whole.

Sense of Oneness

When our time and space story “uncouple”, in our reality …..


Our reality exists in a space; our lives, the world we experience, and our sense of self, in space that is a part of our whole. There, within that space, is also movement, breathe, change, with our sense of time.

Our space and time are references or fields for what exists “on” space and happens “on” time, in our reality.

We experience, in our reality, versions of Reality, that are provided by our whole from Reality, where he or she is and is of (Reality).

The indications of those space and time aspects of Reality, the things that exist or manifest (in space) and change in it (with time), may “uncouple”.

Many people report a “sense of oneness” that is timeless, boundless, with no sense of self. It can be an accident, rare or once in a life-time event, profoundly revealing or confirmatory of the world and self-less consciousness. People find it hard to place in their scheme of things. So, it is filed away fondly, forcefully denied or forgotten, while others may try to re-live it, there may a place for it in some personal or known system of endeavour, often spiritual or to do with nature or humanity, and at least supposedly some may have got there through practices of those systems, perhaps as a particular state of being or stage of development, even as an ideal or goal, perhaps just a side effect of some larger or parallel process.

Compared to the bustle of every day life, there is peace, but often a deep reassurance or love. Very personal, yet it is not a small part of our common understanding about what can happen in the human condition. Perhaps we carry the potential of it within, for it to emerge as language is said to, emerge from within us.

Oneness, our part and whole

sense of oneness
no one self or sense of time
boundary-less space
witnessed for it to be reported and
remembered as dreams are,
parts of our whole who is more than
his or her parts summed,
present in the present,
in and of Reality

absolutely all is experience
fundamentally part of whole being
our reality, valid as part in relation with,
immanent of Reality in becoming
part of, our universal whole,
for our whole
being of Reality,
transcendent of our part