how it is

The rest of creation touches the whole body. We can see something of this in others. But we cannot see this of ourselves.

We, as an identity having an experience, are a mere speck of imagination, literally because we are projection created by the brain-spine. We are closer to the presence of the real world and other whole beings in reality, in regarding from within projection, the whole body we belong to as a projected part.

our reality :

Our reality extends
and the spaces we occupy open,
different ways in different directions.

whole body touched by the rest of creation

whole body touched by the rest of creation

We usually ignore this,
the particularity of our construct,
to identify with the indications
our senses bring.

Just two dimensional images
from one surface of
whole things in reality
touched by the rest of creation,
our reality’s symmetry.

from “Orientation” by tt – 1