The cognitive part – a slide show






Who must be there

Beyond our words, thoughts and A14179 cl
what we think we sense
a whole being abides

Beyond what we feel
and our sense of being
is the feeling and our being
beyond which again
our whole self lives

Beyond believing we say
and do things
the whole body says and does

A whole person must be there
for our self and all that we are
and all that we may experience
to be

– alive in creation
being of creation
solid in gravity
on Earth, among other whole beings

– encompassing our here and nowj c8c
our now here
our memories and dreams
plans and reckoning
our sense of separateness from
and joining with
others and our worlds
outside and within

j c8

INVALID as a part is, isolated from its whole

Now the hc, our reality and situation, is a questionable thing.2 May15 with side 5a

We’re incomplete.
And we’re stuck with the wot (world out there) that seems to be there, before we notice it. We have both inside and outside worlds. Are they real?

There’s our deeper sense. But is there a whole self?

There must be a whole self, a whole being, living and alive, of reality, and who creates us, our selves as an identity and the reality we experience.

2 May15  side 2aYes, we exist, but as a part of the whole body, created by him/her, arranged and placed or “projected” from the whole body’s CNS (Central Nervous System).

The whole body is in and of reality. We are a projected part identified with what we experience.

It means our reality’s apparent objectivity, independence and realness is provided for us by the whole body. Our reality can be a good indication or version of what’s in the world.

The issues of subjectivity, perception and perspective, and certainty can be considered more fully with orientation to our reality being a projected part of our whole self.

Our reality is subjective because, in the first place, it is created by a whole being, as well as because of us, being the subject, experiencing and interpreting what is experienced.

Within our reality it seems we directly touch and see what is in the world, but as in the movie Matrix, that is not the real world. For us to think that we “perceive”, there’s a whole being in the real world for whom the issues of perception and perspective are “real”. He/she projects our sense of being in the world. We can think that we see, but it is the whole body who has the eyes, and gives us vision with all its characteristics including perception and perspective.2 May15  side 0

And as for certainty, it’s all in our mind. What we try to determine and know can escape our grasp the harder we try (prove), till we are left more with our trying (to prove), to know (notion) and grasp (sense). Indeed the only thing we can be certain of may be that we think, when we do – “I think therefore I am (thinking)”. However, we can see the circular or contained situation of trying to prove our selves within our reality, if we understand our reality is not complete but a projected part of our whole. We can also consider being a projected part of a whole being, and look for certainty in a relation with our whole of reality.

Notes and a poem or two

hc.r : our self an actuality, the whole body of reality
The self and our reality as actuality, projection and part of whole body. Invalid as an isolated part, an identity identified with its self and its experiences.
The whole body is in and of reality, creation, is reality and includes his/her projected parts.

We, us, our selves being me,
the identity in the hc,
an “it” compared to our whole
who is a who.

Certainty : Munchhausen’s trilemma
Munchhausen’s trilemma describes the impossibility of a proof needing proof to validate the proof, never proving anything – except in the three incomplete ways of infinitism –on and on, circularity – round in circles, and foundationalism – assumption that may be useful or is had by those concerned. We can only be certain in our minds and that certainty in three incomplete ways. It seems much escapes our mind’s grasp, of things and of our self.

Try to prove or be true

Try to prove
what’s right
that it is right
How can you be certain?
Can you be sure?

Prove that it is right
what you know and grasp

Try being true
to your self
Settle in place
as part of your whole self

Prove you are validside stupa and base 26
in your notion and sense

Try becoming true
to whole self
Play your part
as part of a whole being

Prove you are there
in your feeling and being

Be true
to whole body
Level your head
as part of the whole body

We think we think, see and do when it is the whole body who has the eyes, brain and hands to touch and move etc.

Also our whole body is made to level the brain, hang the spine and settle the trunk upon level pelvis or the other end.

The “other-end” is the clue to the whole body, in and of gravity ie solid mass, our whole self alive, a whole being present in the present and included in whom is our projected part. Like the base to an upright stupa or pagoda (a tiered Buddhist tower with several levels, and usually with multiple eaves in the Far East, usually built over some Buddhist artefact), it supports our CNS (Central Nervous System), which in turn floats our realities in levels like the levels of a pagoda.

Our trunk has a front and a back, and is upright. It has a middle with left and right halves, and sides to the left and to the right, each with an inside and an outside. While the trunk is vertically orientated, the other-end is level. Our hind legs have evolved to extend straight underneath our upright trunk. Our other–end can not only bear our trunk-al extent, but with waist, hip and haunch squares off or quarters on each leg (that is of right angled ankle and knee) as if on all fours. It is a part of the evolutionary leap that lead to our level brain and vertical spine.

Forever in the mind

forever in the mind pic '14

Wonder and ponder
forever in the mind
virtual and fractal
forever human in kind
is it our language
is it our food
what about our heart
or is it our soul
where is the spirit
is it all experience
lest we forget
there must be a God

Talk reach out
hold return
silence be still
resonate express
together alone
we live as part

Straddle our bounds
return come home
go out and earn
your right to be

Listen to me
find your self
find your place
for life to be

Nature is you
wilderness your whole
essence you be
touched by reality

In truth your part
is free as a part
exist as part
separate and together
be with or away from one another
but as a part
of a whole being
next to other wholes
alive on Earth


Hope for a Drifter

The self having an experience set between the world out there and within.

The self having an experience set between the world out there and within.

Me and my self
are out on a limb
The conscious and my conscience
split off the core

The conscious conscious of
in each isolated pocket
I cannot bridge
but drift apart

My reach deny
what I cannot reach
My conscience rises from
the shadows of that

Lined up facing the front and cornered across, the conscious reigns from above.

Lined up facing the front and cornered across, the conscious reigns from above.

I cannot bridge
but drift
Across the depths
and through the core

A whole body’s reference
I am but
an isolated part

I drift apart
from my whole
Then remember
I am a part

The conscious and mind bodies, with their vertical tear drop and the conscience or conscious's heel below the shape - soul'd reach trauma of birth and liver's float.

The conscious and mind bodies, with their vertical tear drop and the conscience or conscious’s heel below the shape – soul’d reach trauma of birth and liver’s float.

Validate me
your drifting soul
How can I reach you
my nearest whole

You who encompass
my people, my world
Realms I drift in,
dream and hold

The conscious, its shadow, heel or conscience, and displacements on the whole body.

The conscious, its shadow, heel or conscience, and displacements on the whole body.

The pictures are from above :
1. “knobbly join”
2.  “lined up, facing the front and cornered across under the conscious”
3. “the shape set off by the conscious and mind bodies”
4. “the conscious and its shadow with its heel or conscience, and settings”
They are parts of a group of prints from originals on “rice” paper with sumi-e ink and brush.

knobbly join

knobbly join

knobbly join


We’re a knobbly join
a fleeting fluctuating float
isolating join in between
our outside and within

What we experience
and the experience itself
outside and within
our self in between
the wot and the wit (see diag. below)

What is experience
without self
is there self
without experience,
it’s a wobbly join

But we’re witnessed
a deeper being is there
and are conscious
and all encompassed
by a whole being within creation
knobbly join

What is the witness

The witness is not a “what”
a concept or notion
but part of the construct for
having an experience of the “what”

Asking “what is the witness?”
is like a camera
trying to turn its aperture
to capture its film

And the self as an actuality
cannot be a concept
because actuality is not a concept;
our reality is experience, notion and sense
“what” we think and sense is not an actuality

And in self referencing or
the self referencing the self
is a conundrum, the self referencing conundrum;
it is the confusion and avoidance
when approaching the necessary disassociation
for having an experience (my def’n),
it’s the agreement and conspiracy
let’s keep things to notion and sense
of “what’s what” and avoid the conundrum
that we won’t face and cannot
in “what” (concept),
“what we experience”,
and “the experience itself of what”

Right in the depths
of that conundrum
is the witness
like a void

The backdrop and reference for the experience,
what is experienced
and the self having an experience

A vacuum, disassociation itself
the displacement for the manifestation of
the self and experience,
for our reality to be and witnessed

What is experienced
is referenced and determined
by the self
in terms of the self and its
perception –
states of conscious, mind and being as well as
condition of body and its sensors
context –
background including culture, gender, race and age,
history, own past and education, experience
and expression –
mainly language, gesture, costume, prompts and props

The witness is a greater self
it references the self having and experience
as well as the experience itself

My point is to capture all
as projection is a category
beyond what and having an experience of
and its construct including the witness

CNS creates and places the world we may experience
what we experience, the experience, the self having an experience
the conscious and deeper being
the disassociation between displaced parts
and the witness to recognise these

Actuality, the self as experience,
being experiential of self,
skirts the conundrum of baby talk and babble
stop with your words and slow down for your actuality
and before long, before your Babel’s tower turns to rubble, refer to whole body

From projected actuality to reality
category but also reference for
our reality and self does belong
before rest of creation
to a whole being

Witness is a part projected
from the whole body in reality
orientation allow for this perspective and speak

The wot (world out there) and the wit (world in there)
the object of our experience “what”, the self and witness
there-ness of what’s there beyond what they are
“where” as projection in relation to whole body
to relate with the whole body there, is and as,
and in and of, reality

Question and statement witnessed


We are   are we ?zz2

I am   am I ?

You are   are you ?

Statement and question.

And there‘s no answer
without a question.          ————>

So, silence ……. !               <———–

But yet, there is a witness.

Witness is the displaced complement and reference to
what manifests of our reality.

Like the audience and the performancezz3
that make up the show,
the witness to our self and experience              ——->
make up our reality.

Our reality is
a projected actuality
created and placed by a whole being
we belong to as a part.

Souled (not sold) and spirited
there and alive
no concept no question
with opinions, answers and identities only as parts
and referenced by the rest of creation.

a philosophy

Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 a

I know I exist and that I exist in something – it is my world – a space, open void. I can surmise that I am not a complete thing, as my space is not: I connect (extend) and my space opens, different ways in different directions. There is a witness that recedes backwards deeply and in the face of its float I nestle tight and level, cornered across to the right. Yet above me is conscious, that reign over all I experience.

All this, me and my reality and their makeup, I can presume is being projected by the brain-spine, and I know the brain-spine is (and through it me, my reality and their makeup are) an integral part of the living whole body.

The wot (world out there) is an indication, a virtual reality projected by the CNS (central nervous system). It is made by the CNS through the senses, from contact of the whole body with the real world, passed on to the CNS via the PNS (peripheral nervous system). There is some variance possible in how we perceive, as we shift in our particular place in relation to our experience (perspective). Notion (ideas) of the world has even more variance, not just from linguistic, cultural and social settings but fluctuations in our state and sense of self. We rely on objectifying, defining and holding to our sense of self or the world (including our sense of others) or both, actively or passively, to steady ourselves and our life.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 b

I want to steady as part of whole self; my float to land within whole being. The whole body encompasses all beyond conscious and experience – and reaches us in experience. Nothing is denied and everything fulfilled, beyond wildest dreams and deepest expectations, the whole body contains and frees all as projected parts. Turn and present to whole self, we ought, for we are its part.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 d

Instead we steady and hold to our self, our life and wot, isolated away from whole self. What builds up in denial, further we must deny. So it takes questioning our reality and searching for actual reality and trying before trusting the whole body to turn to. The whole body is not in our (self’s) reality of sense and notion, conscious experience witnessed, our projected virtuality. Steady for, align with and present to, the whole body that must be there, in and of reality and so is. Realty, the basis to our reality.