Forever in the mind – an explanation

We’re an identity hemmed in between “bodies” of what makes the rest of our reality. I’ve also called them projected actuality and shapes. They are the incomplete surfaces (for us as an identity amongst them) that contain the apparently separate parts of us, such as between our self and what we experience, the world we may experience, our self and others, the witness and the conscious, what we feel and the feelings, our deeper being and the being. They open and extend different ways in different directions. We are a part of it. And it is a part of the whole body, a whole being and our whole self we belong to as one of his/her projected part.
from dreamong 2
The identity we usually are is represented in the head and out reaching hand above (under the conscious, inner left side of “mind’s reach”). Do you like the embryo below reaching across to the right? I see it as the “Kappa” of Japanese mythology. And the circle is the whole body.