Do you see? to be or not to be.             

     To all selfy acts, not the identity, person or the whole being of whom pictures are of in the act but the act it self, including our statements and expression to communicate.

“Seeing is believing.”
But ….
is it true
is it real
or is that being skeptical?
How can it be
so easy
to believe in what we see.

We try to understand
what we see
and see what we
determine, judge
“Do you see what I mean?”
or what you understand.

It’s what was seen
we conclude upon
argue over in court.
Our notion follows
what we sense
rather than our
common sense,
we don’t mean to be mean.

It’s actuality in what we are
authenticity in being a part
lost with who is not seen.
Our whole being of reality
not to be seen or understood
is beyond our belief
a mystery.
Do you see?

Virtual, actual and real

where is our place, our people
where do we belong,
out there in the world we experience
within our mind and what we know,
can there be a match
a meet

our separation is projection
as is our reach to join,
created and placed
our self and the object of experience,
projected by a whole being
to whom we belong

other entities interject
our association with our whole,
the indications of what’s real and not
as we identify with what’s virtually real;
don’t just go along, passionately appeal
or patiently persist, relate with your whole

the institutions and
what they represent,
reality and what’s
represented in us,
in between are living whole beings
their feelings, knowings and being

a splat, squashed between
our rock (that we are “I’m it” when we’re not)
and virtual plate;
consider your whole
autonomous and integrated
interdependent and individual
in and of creation

make room between
your world and your self,
for your actuality
the connection to reality, the whole body
to whom you belong