Whilst introspection and tuning into one’s body, feelings and sensations can be a part of healing, self-realisation or growth, they can also isolate us into an internal obsession or struggle, and may cripple our life in the world with others.

Beyond our self and our contexts for our worlds and others, there is no basis for questioning, determining or making sense of what is there of our projected reality. If we find or witness our self identified and engaged or reacting to a particular thing in our experience, that situation may be diffused by referring to the brain-spine as our absolute source, and settled by the whole body.

The self is not the whole body, but a projected part of him or her.

The whole body can be complete.
The whole body may be in harmony with the environment.
The whole body is alive in creation.

A part is invalid without its whole.
A part asserting itself without or in isolation from its whole is worse than invalid.
An isolated part can only be redeemed and validated by the whole it belongs to.

hc and reality 2 : closer, better, more and beyond

Within the hc, we determine what is in our reality, and go on to judge good/bad, right/wrong and true/false to help choose and decide what to do.

Through our endeavors, we may be closer to reality and truth, more in our good or bad self and better in what we do right. In capturing our reality and our self as projection, in space and in relation with the whole body, with orientation, we are closer to reality, more a part, and better in being a more integrated part.

However, beyond closer, better and more is the absolute truth of projection. Invalid as an isolated part, the whole validates us as a part beyond judgment. And “introducing” his/her presence, relating with his/her actuality in reality, we are encompassed, affected and touched by reality. We are redeemed through and our salvation rests in only this.

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