Perfection and the “complete whole body”


There is such a thing as perfection. It needs to be placed beyond our self. We are not to be perfect (nor complete; we may be true as a projected part).

Perfection may be placed as reference, goal and direction for us, with the whole body in alignment with gravity or the “complete whole body”.

Statues of deities, gods, rulers, and heroes are depicted in their physical splendour, and placed on a platform and roofed often with a ceiling. There is a yogic perfection of the human form and front facing structure (in gravity), worthy I think of a structure and frame to set it. I have admired statues of the Buddha under ceilings and on platforms that reciprocate and reinforce the statue’s front facing “completeness”.
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4 br spWe should be reminded, within this complete whole, of the front facing level brain and vertical spine floating over our two legged and level pelvis. To me the CNS (Central nervous system), in its levelled, front facing and vertical float, epitomises the perfection of its whole, evolutionally and in state and structure. The CNS also assures our part as a projected part of our whole self (Part theory).

Glorification of the human form and image may be questioned, as any suggestion or reference to perfection, lest it feed our struggles against and fears of failure, and our identification with our image of self. Yet, in his or her complete and full extent and being, is perfection.

There is such a thing as perfection. It needs to be placed beyond our self. We are not to be perfect (nor complete; we maybe true as a projected part). However, perfection maybe placed as a reference, goal and direction for us, with the whole body in alignment with gravity or the “complete whole body”. We must understand our part.


– Whole body

The whole body is the creator of our (partial; see Part theory) reality. The whole being and our whole self, he or she is unique to our individual self because that whole body is our creator and projects in space our individual reality including our self. Projection is our actuality – what we are or what we exist as. As projection, in our actuality, we with our reality are a part of our whole.

The whole body is alive in creation. He or she includes the solid body and our projected part, both in reality as parts of a whole being of reality. From within projection the whole body disappears with the rest of creation. He or she is Nothingness, the absence of the whole body from within projection. Emptiness is the disassociation through which we are having an experience and the displacement within projection between the components of our construct or make-up (for having an experience).

– Complete whole body

The whole body in alignment with gravity, level and front facing through his or her vertical extent.

– Part theory
We with our reality are a projected part of our whole, created by a whole being who is our whole self, and placed or projected in space through his or her CNS (Central nervous system). We may be captured in our incomplete (and so partial) part as projection, and as projected actuality (existence as) and part, we may be in relation with our whole.

Everything changes

In my early twenties I became conscious of being liberated and free with the notion to not expect anything. There was the simple appreciation of life and existence – beauty in a weed or profundity in a moment or in enacting an act. A lot of it was compensation for disappointment or emptiness. Expect nothing, so as to grasp the moment as it is, to live the moment, or perhaps through and beyond the moment grasped, to find life herself.

Have no expectation would work for a period of time, a day or two, sometimes not long at all. To get there or it, might take moments to hours and sometimes it didn’t work. I had to work at it.

Now I know of the whole body and the spirit, one and present. I understand the “hold on gravity” (the displaced countenance to our projected actuality) and the constant (identity) we pretend to be (in virtuality assuming it to be perpetuity). The hc identified with the wot against the whole body in and of reality, gravity and the present, determines our metaphysical make-up in projection. The hc is invalid in being isolated from its whole, identified with what is experienced rather than who creates and places, or projects, our reality of our self and what we experience.

We and our reality are actuality. They exist, but in and as projection or projected actuality, as projected parts of a whole being in creation, in reality. No constant reference in projection can release our particular settings also in projection.

Even the whole body is easily reduced to a concept or a mantra, a “thing”. The thing itself as is, and its actuality, is beyond understanding, cognition or mind’s grasp. The whole body who is, is there in reality beyond projected actuality, experience, and our sense and notion.

The zen and the gestalt takes one beyond the goal, experience, state, process, and the self – through actuality, reality or the way (Dao) may open. But the basis for everything is the whole body who projects our reality. The spirit one, at the core of every one thing, is the essence of the whole of creation or All creation God. It is the true constant beyond references, a true gravitational presence and life.