No answer

There are no answers
not without questions
and there are no questions
not without me
thee identity

As identity we be
a part of our whole created and placed, projected
by a whole human being
from his/her brain-spine, but why?

I am and why
statement and question
X and Y
both exist as projected actualities
both encompassed by a whole

Sperm and egg together made whole
opposites of a species
make one all that
divided and differentiated
to separate parts of a whole

With projection
we are further disassociated
to be and exist
as projected actuality
an identity and why?

Question in this
your part, place and actuality
and wait in Emptiness
Nothingness is the response
the presence of whom you belong to

And in what happens
is the response
whole truth
that changes both
you and your question

In becoming a part
and with no answer to our questions
is a return,
regression from a world of answers
that leaves more questions

In becoming a part
is our truth
it is what we are
of a whole being
who is and does