Autumn 2 : harvest

season's Aut 2 harvest 2

R side-view


Pressed in metal (element, organs Lung and Large Intestine)
locked in time
past the harvest moon (Aut2)

season's Aut 2 harvest 1
Crinkle-ed wrinkles Autumn harvest moon (Aut2)

Finality of the season’s turn
reached even with El nino’s flush
and we are sealed,
an impressed freeze,
ready to spin free
into the winter’s never never

Though traction-less it may seem
deep rest catch up
and trust space time self
only because whole self
encompass and impregnate our all

The cognitive part – a slide show






Autumn 1 : ripening

Staggered off under our season’s pile (Late summer completion),
the metal gates of time shunts usAut 1 Apr16
into our autumn ripening,
cast forwards, up and across (to the right);
finality of the harvest draws near

(Autumn : element – metal;
organs – Lung, Large Intestine;
emotions – sadness, letting go)

Be broad, expansive
beyond melancholy, reach
the presence of who encompasses
our here and now that crinkle (autumn ripening)
against the memories past;
ripen in your relation with your whole
(who is) present in the present always

The present carries
our state and condition
colours our here and now
determines our destinyAut 1 Apr16 b

Trauma shocks
but the mundane sets
as it was
isolated within our whole
as it happened
to me

Whole being alive
present in the present
through the seasons year in and out,
who was conceived and born
grows old and will die,
present in the present
encompassing our past, origin
here and now and future

Can we relate as a part
with anything but our whole?

Can we be anything but a part
except in ignorance of our whole
and in denial of our truth, of being a part?

Yet the whole does allow us
to think and feel
as if we do things and exist,
except when we stop;
then we know
we’ve been lost.
and it’s from our whole

Slow down in emptiness, settle in silence
beyond space and distance
our whole being abides always;
learn to be a part always

Summer crossing, 1st moon

Summer crossing, 1st moon

We enter summer crossing with this moon.

Risen into our head long drive, identified with what we can think we sense.

The global calendar is a northern hemisphere’s calendar. The end of the year is in the middle of our southern hemisphere summer.

Keep sight of the season’s crop. Though the year is finished, a crop has been sewn, grown and seasoned to a firm rooting ready to thrive through summer, and crop next ripening Autumn. See your self through to the other side of the “Summer crossing”.

Summer is the 6ths, 7ths and 8th months to profit by, and the Northern calendar counts us through the heat and toil. Instead we in the southern hemisphere, have 12 December to finish and pack up (a mad rush to stop, in the rise of summer), 1 January to reinvent you self and the new year (at the height of summer), and 2 February to get marching (in the swelter) – and trample over our season’s crop.


Like when crossing a desert, we must keep sight of the end. Otherwise you won’t get there and you’ll loose your self, or a part of your self. It’s easy to stop with the end of the year, and linger at an oasis with your delirious summer thoughts, as well as rush to stumble in the delirious heat.

Cast in fire, get through the summer, this is it, the manifestant!

Consider your existence, your actuality occupying space, of your self and what you experience. Different parts to your reality include you and occur in different places, bound and bagged from each other part in certain proportions or shapes.

Consider being a part. Become projected actuality, and refer to your whole.

This season’s “seasoning” : Full moon, Spr3.

Third full moon of spring.

Last season is disappearing with hardly a trail, absorbed into another dimension.4 Spr3

Having established its definitive (includes last, this and next season’s setting for annual circuit) cornering last moon, this season has “seasoned” into a vertical float below its mind’s bloat, where there’s a draw into a centering, still seemingly gentle but incessant, like the swirl of an abalone shell.

This season’s vertical extent tapers 3 times for cognitive, emotive and 4 Spr3 bsomatic depths apparently ready to be further drawn up into the centering, for the 3 moons of summer. There is an angled reach, a counter-levering strain, vectored up, across to the right and forwards against the vertical.

Old season’s disappearance – past 2nd full moon of Spring 2015

Old seasons disappearence consciouses jShot off like a golf ball, up right front,
its streak left behind,
held across by the conscious.

Death draws the conscious’ heel
up its shadow,
wrinkled layers of build up show
its past
and its readiness to shatter.

This season still quiet
though set off its hinge,
conscious’ heel, its conscience,
of which only just newly conscious.

Old seasons disappearance  2nd moon of Spring 2015

Old seasons disappearance
pen, pencil and ink 

Second full moon of Spring. This season’s establishment and old season cast off.

3 season's 3Old season is cast off like a gold ball shot off into the distance with just a trailing streak left behind.

This season is established in it’s cornering, inside outside centred right, just below liver’s float. Conscious of itself in mind, breath and body sense (from spine), with only a vague memory of its unknowing beginning. Already there is a build up of strain, it weighs at the back of our front line up, through the spring haze, with the world out there to the front. We will rise to this through spring and pass it as we step forth into summers heat.

The seasons

I’m starting a new blog section or category called “the seasons”. It will plot the annual progression of our projected actuality.

the seasonsWe are affected by the cycle of the seasons in our actuality as a projected part of our whole self.

The construct or make-up of our reality is packaged in bubbles of space that is dispatched from our depths, churned with each lunar cycle and progresses annually as marked by the 13 moons of the year.

I abbreviate and number each moon Spr1,2,3, Sum1,2,3, LSum (late summer), Aut1,2,3, W(winter)1,2 and 3.

3rd moon of autumn

3rd moon of autumn for storage, in the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and 2nd moon of harvest. Element is metal, organs Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality if time at this season’s close before winter’s end.

Autumn 3 Apr15 this with levels b o45

This season’s wrap-up leaves us mostly in the head and pushed across by the next season’s conscious from the mid-line and shifts towards the front .

Autmn 3c2

Next season is still unformed. Its conscious is open above just the developing brain of an early embryo who’s nervous system formed into a tube (neural tube) with the rolling of the two sides of a collection of nervous cells called the neural plate.

The line-up with and the facing of the world out there also resemble the embryo who’s eye is large and agape like a fish’s with no eye lid.


Autumn 3 Apr15 this and next layered, levels

Untitled b

The layering of this season’s projected “body” in front of next season’s, with the levels cognitive, emotive and somatic marked between them cornered, pinched and wrapped and looped. This season’s body should be reduced further through winter, and next season’s establishment through the levels is anticipated here.

Note : as of most of my depictions, the projected bodies of our make-up (construct) are placed in relation with the whole body (out lined) as captured from behind.

2nd moon of Autumn

Loopy L for the last stages of the eternal path2nd moon of autumn, here in Australia of the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and before the 3rd moon for storage. Element is metal, organs are Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality of time at this season’s close. Then it is winter’s end.

How was this season’s harvest? And your relation with your whole?