Many me-s, my whole and Reality

Many me-s overlap me
Everything overwhelm
the one-thing-at-a-time me;
I, at a talk me

message 02A part,
self and identity,
of one transcendent whole;
transcendent of my part
in and of Reality, Entirety, he is

Immanent of Reality,
the one and only whole,
in me and in being a part of my whole;
for he being
of Reality.

All-Creation-God is Reality.
Whole being, whole body and whole self
is the whole of whom our reality, of conscious experience and self witnessed, is a part; everything of our self and our reality is projected
through the brain and spinal cord, by our whole.

Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)All-Creation.

All-Creation-God, if Creation needs a creator, or we need a name for the mystery. Otherwise, it proceeds :-
All-Creation, Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole:
Rest of creation, apart from the whole being.
Whole self, whole being, whole body, touched by the rest of creation:
CNS (Central Nervous System), the brain and spinal cord:
Projection, from the whole through the CNS, our actuality, our existence in space and                fact as part of our whole.
Our part, our reality, of conscious experience and self witnessed.

And exposed, this year!                       Rooster 2017. Dog 2018.

A part are we, am I, are you.

Alone in my space
and in my time
within my whole,
of whom I am a part,
as self or identity
with and within my reality,
a part of my whole.

We are
alone as part
of our whole
Reality be,
we be a part.

To be, to be
ten made to be.
Lined-up with
image on horizon, one.
Staggered across over
ground underfoot, two.
Upright stagger floats, three.

Together as part
our wholes next to
in Reality.

message 02The whole is transcendent of our part. As is Reality, transcendent of our part, for our whole being of Reality, being transcendent of our part.

In being a part of our whole, who is of Reality, Reality, the one and only whole of which everything is a part, is immanent in us. We become a part, beyond notion and sense, in and out, time and space determined me and you, the world and I, witnessed and conscious of.


conscious and twisted loops

The conscious reigns from above, as if to shed light on our reality, of conscious self and experience. It has a shape as projected by our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Twists and loops form fields for our projected substance and space.

021-w2-22aug17-act-004-2.jpgr 21Nov17_0001 a









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All wholes and parts ed1

Our reality is conscious experience
and self witnessed.

Within our reality is outside and inside,
where we experience
one another, things, the world.

Everything of our reality is a part of a whole being.
Alive next to other wholes in Reality,
he or she is of Reality.

Reality is Entirety, the one and only whole.

You could say Reality is the whole universe,
but unlike the universe which Physicists are trying to understand,
Reality is Everything that include before, during and after time,
beyond and within space, inside and outside inclusion
and any dimension involved or otherwise – string , twisted loop, our whole is of Reality. Life, chemistry, quantum are aspects.

Wholes are more than the sum of their parts.
Wholes are transcendent of their parts.
We are a part of our whole.Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)

Single self, many self-s

“Everything is a part of their whole.”

Within our whole, we experience our self, things and others. We know there’s more to our reality, and its make-up.

There are parts we may extend to and include or shift into and find our selves in;  deeper, beyond and other-side, and in different realms and dimensions, including dreaming, feeling and remembering. Our conscious state and state of being may fluctuate, depending on energy levels, drugs, activity etc. These should remind us of realities, others in them, but also many self-s in different situations.

Our reality includes our self and our experience, but also the world we may experience, the conscious, and the witness by which we are aware There is also our deeper being.

However, normally, we consider our self a single entity.

Our sanity, authenticity, truth, accountability, is based on this supposed one self. While we may be uncertain within, we meet the world certain with this single self. Easily reactive when confronted, to be defensive and avoiding, or argumentative and aggressive.

We may try to be consistent, appropriate, or trust our innate condition and be natural, but ready to grab the levers, if ever control seem lost. We are strong and vigilant in our head quarters, being the one in control, waiting for our “turn off”.

I am referring to our self-s, others and things together in the third party and indirectly as “everything” to approach “their” actuality. In being of our reality, all that is of our self, and what we experience of the world and others in our inside and outside, deeper and other-side realms, belong as parts to our whole.

Our relation with our whole is referred to indirectly because the whole is transcendent of its parts. Also we have a sense of separation from other parts in both positive and negative ways. These reflexive entanglements seem embraced by “our” whole in referring to him or her as “theirs”, so that we in our self may be received by our transcendent whole, together with our equal, but other parts, necessary for our integration.

“Everything is a part of their whole.”

Try this message. It comes from a mereological orientation of our reality as a part of our whole, who is of Reality, the one and only whole.

Mereology is a study of parts and wholes, that is a part of logic, and in itself is complete. To this I have joined our actuality, the existence in fact of our reality as a part of our whole being, and Reality.

Please examine other entries in this blog for further statements and considerations tah come of this “Orientation” of the human condition and reality. Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)



Death, life, breath

Death comes to us all.

Many think, sense and believe, that parts of us continue beyond. This may be for the conscious, our soul, or a true or deeper self. For others the spirit enters us to give us life and leaves us at death.

Indeed, the dead live within the living, in our memories and dreams but also, their presence, breathe, vision or voice may be close with us. While we may rationalise, and hold to our reality or the here and now, there seems to be other realms or dimensions that parallel our sense of being in the world.

Absolutely, it is all experience. Fundamentally we are a part of a whole being of Reality.

Our whole encompasses as parts, all that we experience, think, feel, sense or believe, all that we may be conscious or aware of, and all that we may be as self or identity.tv1

He or she gives us our sense of living and breath, and allows for our contemplation and sense of life and death. Our whole is present in the present, of whom our sense of the here and now, eternity, the past or future are parts.

Our whole is more than the sum of these, and solid body parts including the brain through which our reality of I amconscious experience and self witnessed is projected by our whole. Knowing that we are a projected part of our whole, may assist us to be in relation with our whole, as a part – while he or she is alive, we may develop this relation with our whole as a part.

Our whole breathes, lives, and will die.

Poem Straight up JUn17 (5)



The self

Following on from the recent blog entry “Our reality and Reality”, this entry tries to again differentiate our reality from Reality, through discussing our self, as with our reality, as a part of our whole.

When we think or talk about about our self or think and talk about others, what is being referred to is the identity within the human condition, the ego that experiences the world according to the senses, and understands or tries to understand that world we experience and our self in it (the phenomenal world). Our reality, of conscious experience and self, extends from its various parts in different directions, in different ways including, deeper, further, broader, and more true.

The various aspects of our reality that make-up or “construct” our reality are displaced and differentiated from one another, and may be recognised. Some of the disassociated parts of our reality are, the conscious, self, what we experience, the experience itself, deeper being, inner and outer realms.

Between these parts of our reality, there is an association which may be described as an identification that bind parts in themselves with each other. This association through differentiation of our parts, is analogous to separate quantum particles of the same event when they are noticed to be entangled. Our self and what we experience are bound by this identification.

The conscious that is conscious of, and the witness by which we are aware, further bind the parts within our reality. The conscious can be conscious of the self, by which we are self conscious, and conscious of what we experience. We are aware of what the witness witnesses, by which we may be aware of the conscious and that we are conscious, the self and so self-aware (a knowing more than being put on the spot or spot-lighted when self-conscious), as well as what we experience. An analogy for this binding identification between parts of our reality, is the nuclear forces between sub-atomic particles of an atom that keep the atom intact.

We, as self or identity then, are one of several parts within our reality, bound to what we experience. While what we experience is an indication of things in the real world, we regard it as real and with this, we also regard our self as the definitive and only self. We, as that self, are usually functional in our reality, in that what we think we do does get done, as confirmed by our experience of doing and its result. However, our reality remains experience and a sense of self, with a world we may think is real, and a sense that allows us to think that we are in and do things in the world.

Reality is something else, other than our reality, of conscious experience and self witnessed. It is Entirety, the one and only whole, of which everything is a part, including our reality. However, we cannot be of Reality in our own right, but only as a part of our whole being. Our reality is projected through the CNS (Central Nervous System) by our whole being, who in turn is a part of Reality.

In this blog site are entries about this relation between our reality, our whole and Reality. Recently, mereology, the study of parts and wholes, has helped convey our immediate situation, namely the transcendence of Reality and our whole from our part, and the immanence of Reality in our being a part of our whole. The fundamental nature of our reality as projection, projected by our whole through the CNS, remains however, the basis to the details of our involvement in our relation with our whole, a process of integration for both our part and our whole, and our part to play in this relation and process.

Also in this blog are diagrammatic depictions of aspects of our reality, in their “actuality” as projected in space and in relation with their whole. They are meant to assist in approaching our actuality, and in introducing the process of our integration and our part to play in it.