Black and white

“Everything, of your self and what you experience, is a part of your whole.”

03aIsolated from our whole in our struggles, we up hold heaven against demons. It’s so easy and natural to cling to life, in spite. But the loss and shock of our past are carried in our wake, by our whole.

Our struggles are not so black and white in our reality, as we would like to make it.

Trust your whole. As self or identity, we are a part of our whole being. And so also with everything we may experience, parts of their whole. Though he or she is transcendent of our reality, our whole, must be there, in Reality.


It’s not
something to get.
We are conscious and aware
but we forget,
we fare
mother’s womb.

With shock
we forget.
We were plugged and contained
so we get
wot we experience.

wot : the world out there

wot : the world out there

and aware.
We were closer than close in mother’s womb
we forget,
yet expect
look to get.

Can’t be touched
where we sense.
Except by whole being, born of womb
but we get
what we get.

We are
a part.
Plugged and contained
but get this,
projection and
not in womb.

Whole body
is there.
Alive in creation, present in the present
no buts to get,
be a part of, lets,
us be a part let.



fore getting
and the forgetting
known and the unknown
emotive, somatic, gut instinctive, intuitive, mystic, cosmic and spiritual
our part and our whole


wot : the world out there
projection : the creation and placement of our reality including our self by the whole self, from the whole body’s Central Nervous System.