Absolutely, in our reality

Reality is the one and only whole.

Essentially we are a part.
Fundamentally projection — our reality emanates or flows out,
projected from our whole, through the CNS (Central nervous System).

In absolute terms “it’s all experience”, and :
 our self having an experience;
 the conscious by which we are conscious
of space, what we experience in it and our self; and
 the witness by which we are aware
of time and the unfolding of our self and experience or
what the witness witnesses.

“It’s all experience” helps detach us from what we experience.
We are released by taking our reality “all the way”, to this absolute.

001a sm 6Nov17 time space. Conscious mind set in time coupled space.

Witnessed from behind, time set cornered across; conscious opens space from above

By witness, we’re aware of the conscious, and
what the conscious is conscious of,
of our self and what we experience.
There is absolution, with distinction.

Time and space may  un-couple now, in our reality.

Inner spread slide solipsistic to other side
and splits with existential centred right,
open through  the levels
cognitive emotive somatic (cog emo som).003b




Sense of Oneness

When our time and space story “uncouple”, in our reality …..


Our reality exists in a space; our lives, the world we experience, and our sense of self, in space that is a part of our whole. There, within that space, is also movement, breathe, change, with our sense of time.

Our space and time are references or fields for what exists “on” space and happens “on” time, in our reality.

We experience, in our reality, versions of Reality, that are provided by our whole from Reality, where he or she is and is of (Reality).

The indications of those space and time aspects of Reality, the things that exist or manifest (in space) and change in it (with time), may “uncouple”.

Many people report a “sense of oneness” that is timeless, boundless, with no sense of self. It can be an accident, rare or once in a life-time event, profoundly revealing or confirmatory of the world and self-less consciousness. People find it hard to place in their scheme of things. So, it is filed away fondly, forcefully denied or forgotten, while others may try to re-live it, there may a place for it in some personal or known system of endeavour, often spiritual or to do with nature or humanity, and at least supposedly some may have got there through practices of those systems, perhaps as a particular state of being or stage of development, even as an ideal or goal, perhaps just a side effect of some larger or parallel process.

Compared to the bustle of every day life, there is peace, but often a deep reassurance or love. Very personal, yet it is not a small part of our common understanding about what can happen in the human condition. Perhaps we carry the potential of it within, for it to emerge as language is said to, emerge from within us.

I long to be

I long to be
an integral part
of the whole I belong to
as projected part.

I long to be a projected part

I long to be a projected part

The whole I belong to is present in the present, eternal from where our sense of time and space too is a projected part.

The true self, whole self, or Atman is always there. I understand that he or she is the whole self, whole being whole body, who projects the I that sees and senses, and the world it experiences.

The whole body is in reality alive in creation, touched by the rest of creation, next to other whole beings and entities, present in the present, solid in gravity, and on Earth. Our world, space and time, our sense of others, self, the conscious and witness are projected from the whole body’s brain and spine.

We will always be in projection but may be touched and consumed by our whole, who is beyond our projected reality of experience, in reality.

This is what I understand as I recognise a distinction between self and whole self, our projected reality and reality. I am and the world I experience and sense is. They are projected actualities, a part of the whole body in and of creation who is spirited at core by the essence of All creation one with the essence of the whole entity in creation. The whole I belong to is present in the present, eternal from where our sense of time and space too is a projected part.