hc and reality 3 : The whole body is your maker, the maker of you and your projected reality.

We are a projected part of the whole body you or I belong to.  The whole body projects our reality and so encompasses or contains our reality within his/her substance. This includes our sense of togetherness and separateness and the worlds out there and within where our sense of self and the other occur.

The whole body is elusive and uncertain for us because he/she exists beyond our reality of projection. The whole body is in reality, separate from and next to other wholes, yet includes our sense of togetherness and separateness. An aspect of the whole body’s mystery then, is who’s whole are you and am I separate and together in?

The whole body you are a projected part of is your maker, as is my maker the whole I am a part of. Their separateness is beyond our reality, yours or mine, and our sense of separateness and togetherness. They are godly beings in creation who make, project and encompass our individual realities where we see others out there but not our own self.