hc turned

The human condition as a projected actuality, is depicted as I mark out some of its boundaries, and capture/present this in video.

The human condition (hc) as projected actuality, is created and placed by the whole body in reality from his or her Central Nervous System. We are an identity or self. Beyond what we are and what we experience (what’s what – goes on for ever), there’s where we are and where we experience or have our experience (the where of it – not why or the aware of what, but the where of), there-as-is actual, as and in projection and as placed in space in relation to the whole body.

We in our actuality, may relate with our whole in reality, who projects us. Our sense of togetherness and independence, otherness and self are projected parts, encompassed by the whole self in reality. He or she can never be experience, as any other thing or being in and of reality can never be experience – reality is not the experience of it. “We” may “experience” in our reality, aspects of reality, but the whole body we individually belong to is a special entity for our individual self.

These depictions indicate the placement of our projected actuality – they depict where we are projected. They point at our actuality, from which we may regard reality, the whole body alive in and of creation. For us in projection, an identity having an experience, the whole self is the only one in reality. Every other thing in reality is next to and separate from our whole, and can only manifest for us in projection as indications, as perceived, created and placed by the whole being we belong to.

Because we are projected in space, orientation in space is the way to capture our actuality as projection. Because we are projected by the whole body, we may orientate with our whole and be affected by him or her, relate with him or her and actualise in our truth of being a projected part that is of and in him or her. It is precisely the process of reality we stave off by holding and being chased into our reality, to what we experience.

What else is there? The actual self in projection, and the whole self who is in and of reality.

The whole self does not deny work or play. He or she allows for our sleep and love, for thought and feeling, sense of being, of the existence of others or the world, Nature, Earth and heaven, our all as part of our whole.