The point, a line, perspective and context

The projected actuality of our cognitive part is depicted including perspective and context.

Depictions of our actuality can feed back our own actuality, our existence in fact as projected by our whole being. You will find nothing solid about our reality, because we are projection, projected by our whole self.

In our actuality, we may be in relation with our whole being, who for us as an identity is a subtle sense, again because we are in projection. The giff in the previous post ( includes an indication of the whole self who for us gives more a sense of where we are, in relation to our whole, on his or her right side.

For more on our actuality, the cognitive part and relation with our whole, see


Addressing our counter-levering stagger – video script with notated movements

Script for the video Gendo 3 : addressing our counter-levering stagger.
Couldn’t read the script properly till I notated onto it the arm movements. They are poster-ed on the right. They may be of interest for the video. (posted 11Feb15 2nd video of “W’cut videos” :

It’s like poetry and dance, by the whole body. They are notations for body movements. But of the whole body.

The hc.r – the human condition and reality – the whole body alive in creation.  notated 1

The hc is set to stagger off, into our line-up with the wot (world out there) centred on the right.

We must address this counter-levering strain,
level our levelled apart-ment
– the conscious, our mind, and body sense from spine.

Conscious identity
collapses into mind’s spread,
me and myself, and you and I,
tied and garrotted, our body sense cornered off
propped up, out right, front
inside, middle, outside
centred right over liver’s fissure
where the blood stopped at birth,
our first and consequent breath held above it –
bear weight upon the core
the reference through the levels for our whole self (who breathes).

Through the levels notated 2
of knowing, feeling and being
sacrifice, present, and surrender unto our whole
counter–lever your cornered, pinched, wrapped and looped self,
cut off from the whole,
level-off and counter-lever
to bear weight upon your core.

Cognitive emotive somatic,
from floating torso,
settle level and counter-lever your sense of weight
through underside and underbelly to bottom cornering.

With existential pinch and fish hook
further present
to be related with your whole

The other end is a cluenotated 2
to our solid and projecting whole.

The core has been the reference to address out stagger.

 Video “Gendo 3 : addressing the counter-levering stagger” to follow.