Saturated and drained

The whole body is saturated with and drained of substance. We identify with what we experience and attribute any altering of our reality to what we think we do or consume, when it is the whole body who does anything in reality. For us, nothing happens without the whole body and all that can is because of the whole body.


The whole body is saturated with and drained of substance. Touched by the rest of creation, the whole body is in creation next to other whole beings and things.

We identify with what we experience, our sense and thoughts that arise from what we think we consume, interact or do things with – when it is the whole body who does anything, and to whom things happen to, in reality.

We reach to our sense of things and people and hold to our sense of self, for or against, with or away from them. Are we to be or transcend? The whole body encompasses all we experience, our self and what we experience, all that we think we are, we do, and happens to us, including the choices and options we think we have, to struggle or to accept.

There is nothing of our projected reality without the whole body in reality. The whole body consumes, does, is and is happening, as well as projects our reality including both what we experience and our self.

For us, as a projected part, the question should be, how can we as an identity be related with our whole we are projected by. The answer is as an integral part of our whole, which we are as projected actuality.

The difficulty however, is that we are identified in our self with what we experience, isolated from our whole.

We as an identity are a projected part, as are the things and people we experience, and where they are placed, in “the world” or the realms within (“the world” we generally regard as objective reality is a projected indication of the real world; our world is projected by the whole body in and of reality; its space and time, our here and now, is witnessed, and contrasted against an inner reality).

Also projected by our all encompassing whole, is our sense of independence and separateness from others, things and the world. We think we relate with things and people across a projected sense or placed situation of separation and difference – our sense of self depends on, is determined and defined by both what is not-self and the multitude of others and other things.

We relate as subject with the object of our experience (or what we think we experience). We are normally isolated thus from our whole  in this relation as subject, sealed in an identification across separation, with the object of our experience, bound by our conscious, witness and deeper being.

And what is challenging is that there are depths through levels to our reality, and a process of becoming a part that is transforming of us – we become not what we were. It occurs in relation with the whole body, I believe through his or her happening. It is what happens according to the happening of the whole body in reality.

Doing is a mystery that involves us thinking we do when it is the whole body who does. Any act or performance is tacit if one considers the actuality of what it is we do. The act of consuming is easy, whether it be of substance or a purchase, with an immediate or direct effect to our reality of identity and experience.

Blog 1 : Introducing the human condition and reality 31July13

Blog 1  :  Introducing the human condition and reality                                                                     31July13

I’ve worked some things out about the human condition and reality.

We, as self or identity, are a projected part of the whole body, projected by the whole body’s central nervous system. The whole body is alive in creation, solid in gravity and present in the present, separate and next to other whole beings and entities. That individual whole body you or I belong to as a projected part is, for us, reality.

Our projected reality includes the world we may sense, as well as our self and the realms within. The sense of both separateness from and togetherness with one another, are projection. The world we may sense and the things we may sense there in the world, which we normally and functionally consider separate, objective and real, independent of our self, are within our projected reality.

From the real world or from within reality, the whole body projects this version of the world. It is not even and complete but placed to the front of us. It seems we exist and live there, but only partially for we also have our connections with our inner worlds. The world out there and within, as well as our self, are projection.

Our reality is reduced, in what we determine, to sense and notion. That we are projection opens the way, to relating with the whole body beyond what we determine. Our relation as a part with the whole body is validatory, because we are a projected part.

In becoming a part of the whole body, nothing of projection is denied, everything of projection fulfilled. As projection, there is no need to justify our self or our reality, no basis for questioning what we find of ourselves and the world, nor for how we may be reacting or associating. Beyond what we determine and judge, and beyond the existential or absolute assertion “I’m it” (with its freedom but also accountability as there is no one to blame except one self), is our truth as a projected part of the whole self who projects our all. Our projected actuality may be captured as is, to relate with the whole body in reality.

We may trust in what happens as we relate with the whole body. It is the process of reality from the whole body, who encompasses the truth of our part as projection.

Shall we explore this relation with the whole body? How can we relate with reality, from within our projected reality? Can we envisage a neo-humanism, let’s say, beyond our post-modern nihilism, in the whole body in reality?

I dedicate this site for the human condition and reality, and hope to present what I have come to understand of their relation.

Please comment if you would share in this endeavour.

Further entries planned to follow –
CNS (central nervous system) projection. Ctrd R
We must distinguish reality from our projected reality. The whole body projects our reality from within reality. Our possible relation with the whole body from within projection, depends on this distinction between our reality including the self, and the whole body in reality. Otherwise we are lost in our identification within projection.
Phenomenology. Existentialism. Zen. As is, no basis for questioning. Original state. Reality.
Spirit/one essence of All creation and the whole body
Our reality centred to the right. Our projected actuality occupy space in shapes that may be captured, recognised and related with the whole body.