Hollow hole

Holy Emptiness
hollow in my hole
in my space and my time
set in against out
projected part.

Transcendent Nothingness
our whole absent,
together with Reality,
from our part
set, of our whole.

Wholy ghost of Reality
our whole being
self and body,
whole self and
whole body of Reality.

We being part
as part regard
our whole
who is
of Reality.

To be, to be – fly, fly
a part – your space and your time
ten made – heaven is a part.


There is a whole body

There is a whole body.

Beyond our body, our identity, our breath,
our being and conscious,
our world and nature,
our heaven and earth.

Beyond our sense, our notions, our reality,
our world views and causality,
our self and soul
spirit and wholy ghost, our Nothingness.

A whole being alive in creation
of whom we are a part.

He or she encompass and infuse
our all.

Immanent and transcendent
for us in being a part or isolated.

godly be he or she
of creation and spirited at core
Nothingness for us in projection
where reality is displaced by ours of projection

Become a part as projection
in actuality our salvation be
our truth as part of our whole
valid as a part rather than isolated.

Be in the world, with people
join in your community
with deepest sense and self
be with who is most separate,
Nothingness is our whole.