Reality, Entirety, the one and only whole, All-Creation-God 3

Hoping it’s easier to read. I think it covers the essentials of Orientation.


message 10a“Orientation” comes of
1) the “actuality” of our self and our reality as a part of our whole,
2) the understanding of parts and wholes (mereology), and
3) Reality as Entirety, the one and only whole, and All-Creation-God.

Our reality, occupies space. As self or identity, we are a part of a geometric piece, held within greater “projected” structures. Of realms, shapes, levels and layers, all of our self and what we experience, is enmeshed in projection. It emanates or flows out from our whole, through the CNS (Central Nervous System).

We normally “live”, as self or identity, in our reality of conscious experience, identifying with what we determine ”what’s what” of our reality, that is relative within context and depends on perspective. However, in absolute terms it’s all experience which releases the self having an experience, from what is experienced. (The distinction between experience itself and what is experienced…

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