“The whole body is ….” 4

The whole body is reality, for us in “our reality”.

Our reality
– “Our reality” is conscious experience witnessed. There is what we experience, the worlds outside and within that we may experience (seemingly there before we acknowledge or notice it) and our self or identity having an experience, that we are conscious and aware of. Our reality is created and placed or “projected” by the whole body through his/her nervous system. It is a part of the whole body who is in and of reality, and our reality including our self is a part of reality in being a part of him/her. We tend to be isolated in our reality, identified with our self and what we experience, from the whole body and so reality.

– For us in “our reality”, reality is the whole body who “projects” or creates and places our reality from his/her brain-spine (Central Nervous System). Within our projected reality (where we as identity are) anything that is in and of reality can only appear as projection, as projected by the whole body. Everything that we may experience of reality is a projected indication or version.

It is the real world of whole entities and living beings that is more than what we can experience of them. We may consider an objective world but any notion or sense falls short of reality as what is experienced. Our self and our experience may exist as an actuality as projection, and as such they are a part of a whole being who projects. Our reality is of reality in being a part, as projection or projected actuality, of the whole body – who is in and of reality in his/her entirety (wholeness) that includes our projected reality as a part.

Whole body
– The whole body is in and of reality or creation. We are a part of the whole body “projected” or created and placed by him/her. The whole body includes in his/her wholeness or entirety, his/her solid body and our projected part. We are closer to the reality of a real world and other whole beings in considering the whole body. This is not to deny our self nor what we experience of the world and others. The tendency is rather to deny our whole. We isolate our selves from the whole body in identifying exclusively with our self and what we experience.

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