Centred right

right is might and in the light
we’re where we’re, centred right
it’s just where we’re projected, right
you’re all right
we’re all right
unless body mirrored, left side right

across from the heart and stomach
over liver’s fissure
ascending colon
hold us tight

I’m right centred too, mate (might be)

but so what
who cares, what’s it matter
if we’re right, centred or not

cebtred right 26Oct14 a from aboveactually,
it’s not about
right or wrong
good and bad or true and false
what we judge and
determine what’s what

no, there’s more actually
to our reality
where, as actuality,
we exist – as is, as we do
beyond what’s what,
our feelings and deepest being

there’s the whole body in reality
of whom our reality is
a projected part

from above

from above

and as actuality,
we are related
with our whole
where we’re projected centred right

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