The forest cannot be seen for the trees

We cannot see the forest for the trees, but each part of the tree is a part of the forest because each tree is a part of the forest. In the same way, while we cannot see or in any other way experience our whole for other parts, we can however be a part of our whole, and through our whole being of Reality be part of greater wholes in Reality, including humanity, all existence and life on Earth, Earth, universe, and Reality itself as the one and only whole 1.

We can look at other wholes but what we see within our reality are indications of things in Reality according to our whole self, based on his or her sense organs each sensitive to a particular “aspect of Reality” such as light, sound, touch etc (see Note 1 – phenomenal world made from “aspects of Reality”). While we cannot see Reality or our whole, we can be a part of our whole within our reality, and of Reality through our whole self being of Reality. We become immanent of or permeated by it (Reality) as a part of our whole.

1Mereology is the study of parts and wholes. While as a system of logic it is complete within itself, within our reality we strain against being part in our reductionally deterministic and linearly identifying ways. Rather than help find how and where we fit or may be applied as part, instead it becomes just one of many ways to regard or see the world we experience in our reality.
However, mereology is indeed significant for us for we are a part. Our reality is attached to one end of the complete system of parts and wholes as a part, and to its other end absolute Reality as the one and only whole. It helps to establish and understand our relation with our whole and with Reality as part, to which we may be “applied” in our actuality.

A quick edit to the last blog post Our reality and Reality 5/6

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